How and Why?

How and Why we started this Adventure.....
In  2001 my wife and I moved here to Granite Bay from the Bay area looking for a positive change in our family's life. When we moved here our children were 8 and 5 years old. Shortly after we settled down, our children became involved in a variety of different sports. Every weekend after their games we would crave for authentic mexican food. Coming from the Bay Area we were able to find any mexican place around the block. Here however we had to drive 30-40 min. to find a decent taco or burrito. That is how it all began, my wife and I decided to take a new adventure. After 7 years of serving this community we belive that it has been  blessing. Thank you for all the support and participation in this community that has kept our business running successfully.
We are over joyed that we are capable of satisfying your apetite. We Look forward to keep serving you and we will continue to improve our service.
Thank You Very Much!!!



History of Mexican Food!!

The food of Mexico is a rich blend of the foods of Spain and the native Indians. The variety of food from Mexico is a good representation of the variety of Mexican culture. Mexican food has a long and complicated history. The story began with the first people in Mexico who were the Olmecs. The Olmecs used primitive methods of hunting and began the cultivation of maize. After the Olmecs were the Maya. The Mayans discovered cacao and advanced methods of agriculture. The Aztecs were the last empire before the Conquest. The Aztecs ate rabbits, dogs and domesticated turkeys and wild animals, landscapes, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and insects. When the Spanish arrived in Mexico, they brought both changes in the culture and diet. The Spanish introduced many new foods from Spain to Mexico. This fusion of indigenous and European food is the basis of what is now called Mexican food


Just a little bit of us
Welcome to El Sombrero Taqueria in Granite Bay. El Sombrero offers an exciting variety of Authentic "Street" Tacos, Big Burritos, House Specialties and Amazing Seafood. El Sombrero is a fast casual restaurant with full service cuisine. You know quality when you know the owner cares. You'll know the owner cares when you are greeted with a smile and you see the convenient recycle station, clean facilities, amazing cuisine and fair prices. Bring your friends and come experience the real flavors of Mexico. "Best in Town"

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  4060 Douglas Blvd
Granite Bay
United States
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